Monday, 29 July 2013

ERP Software Applications for Retail Business in Ahmedabad

With advancement in technology across all verticals of business especially retail sector, expectation amongst the consumers to get real time information and ease in interaction.

Being successful in today’s highly connected retail world requires a dynamic operating environment. However to create a dynamic environment and become truly integrated is a serious technical challenge for several retailers in terms of process & data flows & controlling individual channel and operational functions.

In order to resolve the integration challenge, retailers are evaluating ERP solutions so that they can have an centralized data access, streamlined business processes and seamless connectivity with consumers & suppliers.

Till now ERP had a mixed acceptance in the retail industry. Though ERP provided to provide a single unified platform for storage of data it also came with a price which was quite costly and had complex operations. With the passage of time several ERP vendors with extremely cost effective and user friendly solutions have penetrated in the market. With such retail specific ERP solutions that are extremely scalable on retail platforms and aid in smoothness of operational activities, and also gives a competitive edge.

In this ERP-connected data world, retailers are able to put the spotlight on key initiatives designed to lower costs, improve operational efficiency or drive customer frequency, value and loyalty. Moreover it helps to create connections with ease across the supply chain and with the customers  across multiple channels.

With the ability to track into the huge reserves of sales data generated across all outlets- such as customer demographics, sales by season, color preferences – retailers can better arrange products and services and even loyalty schemes to customer preferences while responding faster to changing demands. In addition, ERP makes it easy to review all issues related to services, pricing and availability  of items thus help in being more focused towards customer preferences.

With emergence of ERP Software in Retail business retailers can keep a track of supply chain, financial process, inventory, sales & distribution. The retailer can have an overall visibility of the consumer across every channel and take customer centricity to a new level.

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